Fingerprint Card

  1. All applicants must submit a completed fingerprint card supplied by the Idaho State Bar.
  2. Include your name, complete mailing address and the fact that you are applying for HOUSE COUNSEL.
  3. A fingerprint card will be sent to you immediately. 
  4. Contact a local law enforcement agency for completion of the fingerprint card.  Some agencies have set hours for fingerprinting; there also may be a fee involved.  Be sure that the official taking your fingerprints signs and dates the card.
  5. Return this card with your application.  If your fingerprints are taken more than 90 days before the Idaho State Bar receives your application, the card will not be accepted and you will have to submit a new card. We suggest that you wait until you are ready to send in your application to obtain your fingerprints so that your card won’t be rejected.

Please contact Belinda Brown to request a fingerprint card be sent to you.