Unsuccessful Applicant Information
February 2017 Idaho State Bar Examination

Idaho Bar Commission Rule 218 Examination states the following:

An Applicant who has failed the Idaho bar examination may apply for reexamination on a form provided by the Bar. 
(a) Character and Fitness.  The Board may require further investigation of the Applicant's character and fitness. 
(b) Disclosure of Information.  The requirements of Rule 204 apply to information required for reexamination.
(c) Fee.  The reexamination fee is $200 for each of the first three reexaminations and $300 for each subsequent reexamination.
(d) Number of reexaminations.  An Applicant who has failed six or more bar examinations, regardless of the jurisdiction, is ineligible to apply for the bar examination or reexamination in Idaho unless the Applicant has:
   (1) Demonstrated in writing, to the satisfaction of the Board, that there has been a substantial change in the degree of the Applicant’s legal learning which makes it probable that the Applicant will pass the bar examination; and
   (2) Been notified, in writing, that special permission to retake the bar examination has been granted by the Board.
(e) Other Provisions.  Provisions for reexamination relating to reasonable accommodation, filing deadlines and additional fees are as set forth in Rules 203 and 213.

Official certified notices of the bar exam results will be mailed on April 13, 2017, including the following instructions: 

Unsuccessful applicants may obtain a copy of their examination, scores and the grading and drafting standards by sending a written request along with $25 (to cover copying charges) to:  Admissions Department, Idaho State Bar, P.O. Box 895, Boise, ID  83701.  Requests for materials will be handled in the order they are received and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Applicants who simply want to review these materials at the Law Center may make an appointment with the Director of Admissions, Maureen Ryan Braley.  Please note that the staff is not authorized to discuss or to give opinions about examination papers or the bar examination.

To sit for the July 2017 exam, a Re-Examination Form along with the correct re-examination fee must be submitted to the Idaho State Bar by May 15, 2017. Please refer to Idaho Bar Commission Rule 218 for specific information regarding re-examination. If you will not be able to sit for the July 2017 exam but want to keep your application current, please contact Maureen Ryan Braley.

Please refer questions to Maureen Ryan Braley at (208) 334-4500.

Legal Interns - An unsuccessful applicant's limited license to practice as a legal intern is automatically canceled the day the bar exam results are released, see Idaho Bar Commission Rule 226 (e)(2).  Please contact the Admissions Department at (208) 334-4500 with any questions.