Qualifications for Admission – Idaho Bar Commission Rule 202

Qualifications. Before receiving permission to take the bar examination and for admission to practice law in Idaho, the Applicant must:

1. Be at least eighteen years of age;
2. Be lawfully admitted to this country;
3. Have, or will have received, a juris doctorate or bachelor of laws degree or an equivalent basic law degree from an Approved Law School.  Submission of a law school transcript in a form satisfactory to the Board shall be considered compliance with this Rule;
4. Have demonstrated the essential eligibility requirements to practice law pursuant to Rule 201 and have met all requirements in the Admission Rules; and
5. Be a person of good moral character.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE).  Prior to taking the Idaho bar examination, or within the next two scheduled MPRE administrations after successfully completing the Idaho bar examination, the Applicant must take the MPRE and receive a minimum scaled score of 85 or such other minimum scaled score as the Board may establish.

Duty to Supplement.  All Applicants must supplement their Application with relevant character and fitness information until admitted to practice law in Idaho.

Idaho Bar Commission Rules