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For Attorneys: Joining Lawyer Referral Service

It’s Easy to Join the LRS!

The Lawyer Referral Service is currently renewing existing panel members. We will open the registration to the rest of the bar in the near future. Look for an announcement in the E-Bulletin. Currently, the new LRS web portal is live and giving referrals. Thank you for your patience.

Please review the LRS Rules, fill out the online registration and pay your fees. You will only be entered in the LRS database if you complete your registration, provide the declarations page of your Errors and Omissions Insurance, aknowlege the LRS rules and complete payment.

Consultation Fees

As an LRS member you will agree to provide the client a free one-half hour consultation. Any fees incurred after the initial half hour consultation are between you and the client.

Updating Client Information Online

After you have met with the client, you will be prompted to log into your portal and complete feedback information on each LRS client you have received through the service.

Public Service

The public contacts the Idaho Lawyer Referral Service because there is a strong belief the Idaho State Bar understands legal needs and knows Idaho’s attorneys. Connecting people in need with attorneys who can help is one of the most important public services provided by the Bar. As a member of the Idaho Lawyer Referral Service you are helping us provide an important service to the public. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile program. More Information about the Lawyer Referral Service.

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