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Joining Lawyer Referral Service

It’s Easy to Join the LRS!

Please review the LRS Rules, fill out the registration form and return it with your fees as listed on the registration form. You will only be entered in the LRS database if you return the form with the Errors and Omissions Insurance information area completed, your signature for the insurance, and your payment.

Click here to use the PDF version of the Registration Form PDF File - Get Acrobat Reader, fill it out and send it to the ISB with your fee payment, or contact us to receive another copy of the form, which we can email, fax or mail to you.

Online LRS Database

All LRS attorneys will be listed in the online database. Anyone searching online for an attorney in your area of law can access the information. It is up to them to call you. Currently we have no way to track the people who access this information online. More Information about the Online Lawyer Referral Service.  

Consultation Fees

As an LRS member you will agree to charge the client a maximum of $35 for the first thirty-minute consultation on all referrals except personal injury and workers’ compensation. We ask that attorneys provide a free one-half hour consultation in these two areas because a no-charge initial consultation has become standard for these types of cases. You keep the initial consultation fees and any other fees collected from the client

Client Interview Questionnaire

A Client Interview Questionnaire will be sent to you within a week of each referral. The questionnaire has five or six brief questions about the referral. Please return the completed questionnaire promptly so we can track the success of the program. If you have any thoughts on how the questionnaire could be worded to help you please let us know.

Public Service

The public contacts the Idaho Lawyer Referral Service because there is a strong belief the Idaho State Bar understands legal needs and knows Idaho’s attorneys. Connecting people in need with attorneys who can help is one of the most important public services provided by the Bar. As a member of the Idaho Lawyer Referral Service you are helping us provide an important service to the public. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile program. More Information about the Lawyer Referral Service.

PDF File - Get Acrobat Reader Get Acrobat Reader